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Representative Matters

Personal Injury cases

– $179,000 total settlement (including policy limits from carrier for at-fault driver, Personal Injury Protection/PIP waiver and underinsured settlement) for injured physician driver with head, neck, finger injuries after major auto collision.

– $163,000 settlement after mediation for significant burns to infant accidentally scalded at King County daycare center.

– $145,000 mediated settlement for elderly shopper who slipped, fell, broke hip on steps with no handrail while departing a furniture store, requiring move to assisted-living facility. Uniform Building Code violation.

– $85,000 mediated settlement for elderly resident in assisted care facility whose attendant, wheeling resident to toilet, rammed resident into wall, fracturing femur.

– $85,000 settlement from policy limits and (PIP) subrogation waiver for ice skater with neck, back and sacroiliac injuries after near head-on collision. Restricted ability to perform ice skating jumps after accident.

– $75,000 for lady with previous hydrocephalus rear-ended on I-5 by drunk driver, causing claimant head and neck injuries and increased cranial pressure.

– $75,000 mediated settlement for injuries to former tri-athlete after significant rear-end collision.

– $60,000 settlement for diabetic school teacher whose foot was burned and nearly scalded in a foot bath at a pedicure spa.

– $50,000 mediated settlement for real estate salesperson with neck, back injuries and dizziness/vertigo problems after rear-end collision contributing to end decades-long ski patrol career.

– Policy limits settlement and Personal Injury Protection (PIP) subrogation waiver for college student rear-ended at high speed.

Estate planning projects

– Successfully completed dozens of estate plans including credit trust wills, durable powers of attorney and medical directives to physicians for numerous clients/their estates, taking into consideration the federal estate tax threshold and Washington state estate tax levels.

– Example is probate of $3 million estate of married dentist successfully completed in 2011.

– Probate of estate of married soldiers returning from Afghanistan who, tragically, were killed back in United States.

Probate litigation matters

– Successful resolution during mediation of probate issues in estate exceeding $4 million with disproportionate division between beneficiaries.

– Successful resolution through negotiation of division of estate between family members and step-mother.

Business disputes

– Successful resolution with mediation of property division after dissolution of partnership between Russians living in Seattle, Moscow and Portland, Ore.

– Copyright dispute re: art figurines imported from China into California and Washington. Transferred case to California copyright litigation law firm.

– Interpreted numerous covenants not to compete, severance agreements for executives leaving their employer for a new company or for retirement.

– Successful resolution of construction dispute between builder and owners.

Medical malpractice defense cases (with two previous defense law firms)

– Co-defense counsel on case involving settlement over $2 million for toddler who developed brain damage after routine tonsillectomy surgery.

– Successful resolution for anesthesiologist after claimed intravascular injection with epidural anesthetic provided to mother during delivery possibly caused seizures to newborn.

– Successful jury trial defense of dentist allegedly damaging all 4 of patient’s upper front teeth, all of which were extracted after dental care.

– Co-defense counsel on case involving settlement for allegedly failing timely to diagnose cervical cancer (settlement confidential).

– Successful defense of orthopedic surgeon when foot surgery patient had post-operative infection.

Settlement guardian ad litem work

– Over 50+ settlement guardian ad litem cases (Examples include wrongful death medical malpractice settlement over $800,000; severe injuries to elderly lady rear-ended causing her move to nursing facility, $400,000; $101,000 settlement for toddler whose finger was severed in machine).

Arbitrator for mandatory arbitration cases (approximately two dozen cases)

Appellate court case

Negron v. Snoqualmie Valley Hospital and Overlake Hospital, 86 Wn. App. 579, 936 P.2d 55 (1997).

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